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Franklin Garcia
U.S. Representative (Shadow), Washington, D.C.
Thursday, July 9, 2015
Protest in front of Donald Trump’s Hotel Construction Site

Today we come together as immigrants, Latinos, Blacks, Whites and LGBT, and the young and old, as Americans under one flag – the American flag.

Some of us have been here for many generations, and others are more recent arrivals. But we all share the same passion for making America the great place that it is.

Mexico isn’t sending criminals or rapists. Most people come to America not because they are sent here, but because they believe in the American dream. And yes, our politicians, business leaders, community leaders and others not only have the right, but the obligation to protect that American dream. By painting an entire community and group of people as rapists and criminals is not how anyone protects that dream.

If Mr. Trump is concerned about securing our borders, let’s have a serious discussion about this issue and address immigration reform.

Today we want to add our City, and the region, to the growing list of those condemning the inaccurate and derogatory comments made by Mr. Trump. We also want to send a strong, unified message that we are against hatred and xenophobia.

From this action today we continue to unify our community.

We also call for others in the City, and across the nation, to continue to build pressure against Mr. Trump so that he stops spreading hatred and bigotry.

Mr. Trump has inflicted a lot of pain in our community and should apologize for dehumanizing our people. Thank you.


Hoy estamos aquí unidos en contra de la descremación de nuestra gente. Le queremos enviar un mensaje claro al Señor Trump de que en esta ciudad ni en la región se toleran el odio ni la xenofobia. Estamos haciendo un llamado a que continúen la presión en contra del Señor Trump para que por lo menos se disculpe con nuestra comunidad por todo el odio y la difamación que está introduciendo en el país sobre nuestra gente Latina. Muchas Gracias.

Protest Attendees

U.S. Representative Franklin Garcia, District of Columbia. Serving since January 2015. (Protest Organizer)

Arlington County Board Vice Chair, J. Walter Tejada. Elected to County Board March 2003

U.S. Senator Paul Strauss, District of Columbia. Serving D.C. since January 1997

U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown, District of Columbia. Serving D.C. since January 2007

Maryland State Delegate, Ana Sol Gutiérrez. Member of the Maryland House of Delegates since January 2003

Maryland State Delegate, Joseline Peña-Melnyk. Member of the Maryland House of Delegates since January 2007

Petition Activist, Erick Sanchez

DC Latino Caucus President, Gabriela Mossi

LGBT Community Activist, Jose Gutierrez

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Walter Deleon

Activist, Hector Rodriguez


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