On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the University of the District of Columbia’s Board of Trustees unanimously passed a Resolution granting same tuition status to all DC residents, regardless of immigration status.

“This is a great accomplishment for us, and very good news for those that will benefit,” said Franklin Garcia, U.S. Representative (Shadow) for DC, who attended the meeting. “This is the result of the DREAM Act work we began four years ago, when we met with the D.C. Mayor, City Council Chair and members of the Council. We continued working tirelessly to meet with city stakeholders to get support for a DC DREAM Act.”

In June, the UDC Board Operations Committee met to consider policy changes regarding undocumented students. At that meeting, Rep. Garcia testified before the Committee.

Read Rep. Garcia’s Statement and Testimony

The Resolution will be introduced to the DC City Council and sent to the Mayor to sign.

DC will become the thirteenth “State” in the nation to have a DREAM Act, with the additional benefit of eligibility for local financial assistance for undocumented residents.


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